Nation’s 10th Largest School District Replaces Less Efficient Online Service Catalog with Kinetic Data Software

Fulfillment time drops by 50 percent while review and approval throughput doubles

ST. PAUL, Minn. (June 23, 2015) — Kinetic Data, the enterprise request management (ERM) and business process workflow company, today shared the story of Virginia’s Fairfax County Public School system replacing its online service catalog with Kinetic Request and Kinetic Task from Kinetic Data.

Fairfax County Public Schools is the 10th-largest school district in the nation, with 23,000 employees and nearly 185,000 students. Its IT Department responds to more than 250,000 IT service requests each year. The static forms and the manual back-end processes required to fulfill the request volume were no longer working.

"The cumbersome service request procedures were really frustrating teachers and school staff," said Jennifer Sponheimer, functional applications specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools. "Nothing was intuitive about the forms and to add insult to injury, the response times once a request was made were unacceptable."

After leveraging Kinetic Data’s enterprise request management (ERM) approach for FCPS service requests the results were impressive: 1) 50 percent reduction in the time it takes to fulfill a request; 2) support tickets are more precise; 3) review and approval processes take minutes instead of days; and 4) twice the number of support tickets are processed in the same time period.

"Kinetic Data’s ERM software enables Fairfax to standardize IT service delivery and automate its manual processes," said Kelly Heikkila, Kinetic Data's director of products. "Not only does ERM improve an IT organization’s efficiency and responsiveness while reducing its costs, it also transforms the customer experience." Now three years after the initial implementation, FCPS continues to receive customer satisfaction scores in the high 90% range and continues to improve the service to customers that Kinetic Data helps to provide.

More on Kinetic Data ERM Products
Kinetic Request is a service request management application that enables organizations to build intuitive web-based portals where employees can report issues, submit requests for any type of shared service, and check on the status of pending items at any time from any device. Business process owners across the enterprise — in IT, HR, facilities, finance, or other departments — can quickly and easily create their own "service items" to display on the portal.

Coupled with Kinetic Task, Kinetic Request enables organizations to implement an ERM strategy. Taking an incremental approach to ERM using Kinetic Data tools, companies can begin to see benefits in 30-60 days. For other types of process workflow automation, benefits can be realized almost immediately.

Kinetic Task lets companies bypass long and complex projects to replace decentralized business process automation and inadequate service delivery projects. An advanced automation engine with an open architecture, it enables full integration of workflow processes between virtually any enterprise data sources without making major infrastructure changes.

Platform-agnostic, Kinetic Task communicates using common protocols with virtually any enterprise application, such as ERP, human resources, ERM, and ITSM platforms. It provides a non-proprietary approach for centralized business process automation and service delivery management.

About Fairfax County Public Schools
The Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) system is a branch of the Fairfax County government which administers public schools in Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax, Virginia. With over 180,000 students enrolled, FCPS is the largest public school system in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area and Northern Virginia. The superintendent of schools is Dr. Karen Garza. The school division is the 10th largest school system in the nation and maintains the largest school bus fleet of any school system in the United States.

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Kinetic Data has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 and government customers — including General Mills, Avon, Intel, 3M and the U.S. Department of Transportation — implement integrated workflow systems, including enterprise request management (ERM) systems with centralized portals. Kinetic Data has been recognized with numerous awards for its superior products and support. The company serves customers from its headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., offices in Sydney, Australia, and through a network of reseller partners. For more information, visit