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Three pre-built solutions for the Kinetic Platform Announced

Kinetic has released pre-built solutions to create Service Portals, Event Management Workflow and Onboarding front-ends.

ST. PAUL, Minn. (July 24, 2018) — Pre-built solutions to solve common team problems like coordinating complexity and having a single-source of process initiation are difficult to build. Almost every team has something unique about their environment or how they do things.

"We knew we had to make something that small and medium sized companies could just use" said Kinetic Data CEO John Sundberg "and we wanted to make sure teams could expand when needed."

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The Kinetic Platform is built to provide the features most application developers spend hours, days or weeks creating from scratch.

Some of the unique features of the Kinetic Platform are the low-code form builder and workflow editor, a mobile first design and a fully customizable front-end experience.

With Kinetic Service Portal teams and departments can build a single-point-of-contact for services, products or just to interact with the team. Pre-built common services for departments like IT, HR and facilities are already configured and ready to go. Perhaps the most compelling feature of this solution is the emphasis on fulfillment efficiency. While most self-service portals focus on customer experience efficiencies alone; the Kinetic Data Service Portal ensures that teams can fulfill as fast as possible.

The Kinetic Onboarding solution is a great way to get started with anything new. Whether a new employee or a new vendor - get them on the path to a successful launch. Built in task management streamlines the tasks required so that your new employee or vendor is effective day one. Pre-configured forms and workflows to get your onboarding processes up and running fast!

Event Management is usually a fairly hectic world, one that focuses mainly on detecting and reporting issues. It makes sense that vendors have focused on providing technical solutions to provide that monitoring and alerting, but what about fixing the problem? That's where Kinetic Event Management shines. We integrate with all major monitoring and event systems and then help teams coordinate the quick and effective resolution of issues. Features like node and alert management, discussions and automated escalation make this solution compelling to any team looking to improve their monitoring processes.

These solutions and future developments are available for trial directly from Kinetic Data. To get started simply visit, learn more and request a trial or demo today!

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