The 2018 Wally Awards

Kinetic Enthusiasts making a an impact are awarded as part of the KEG Conference.

ST. PAUL, Minn. (May 19, 2018) — The Kinetic Enthusiasts Group (KEG) Conference was hosted this year at The Saint Paul Hotel. Presentations about the philosophy and direction of the company were hailed as highlights along with the stories that customers told about how they were using Kinetic Data's platform.

A unique event, the Kinetic Enthusiasts Group event offers the opportunity for customers to work directly with the developers and implementers of Kinetic Data solutions. This event gives Kinetic Data the chance to listen and hear customer's concerns and needs directly.

“Our customers build some amazing solutions to their various company needs” said Ben Christenson, development team lead at Kinetic Data. “We love giving out Wally awards to recognize the hard work people put in to make a difference.”

Some of the awards listed are Rookie of the Year, Implementation of the year along with fun awards for individual like Enthusiast and Developer of the year. Although Kinetic Data has fun with the awards and makes them lighthearted, these awards represent some serious efforts. Several award recipients were recognized for working with Kinetic Data and even contributing to their products.

About Kinetic Data ( Kinetic Data builds tools to improve the experience of teams and colleagues delivering complex processes, products and services. Our solutions focus on solving problems of volume, complexity, compliance or just making software interactions a pleasant experience. Our platform enables teams to build the solutions they want, while our internal teams continue to build, develop and support our pre-built solutions like onboarding, service portals and many more. For a current list of our supported solutions, or to get started building yours please visit