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ServiceNow Oncall Retrieve

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This handler executes a ServiceNow OnCall API call. Several routes exist in ServiceNow. The default value for the API Route is "whoisoncall". The apiparameters are the encoded values that should be send along wth the API call. For the "whoisoncall" route, the is a comma separated list of list of groupids. If that REST call successfully finds a result, a JSON representation of the response will be returned as handler results.

Name Description Sample
username Username/Email of target user.
password Password of the user. *********
server The subdomain of service now the server belongs to (ie.
enable_debug_logging Enable debug logging if the value is set to 'Yes'. No
Name Description Sample
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered. Error Message
API Route The name of the OnCall API route. Default: whoisoncall whoisoncall
api_parameters API parameters, values must be encoded. group_ids=12345
Name Description
Handler Error Message Error message if an error was encountered and Error Handling is set to "Error Message".
object_json A JSON representation of the returned ServiceNow object

ServiceNow OnCall Retrieve V1 (2019-01-24)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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