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Bridge Adapter · Version 1.0.4



Ldap Adapter

The ldap adapter allow for querying an ldap service.

Configuration Values

Name Description
Server The domain or IP address of the LDAP service
Port The port used to connect to the service
Use SSL Determines if TLS will be used
Security Principal DN of the authenticating user
Anonymous Authentication Determines if Security Principal and Credentials are required
Security Credentials password for the authenticating user
Search Base The base that will be used with every query
Page Size The number of records returned on each request
Maximum Pages The number of total pages that can be fetched

Example Configuration

Name Value
Port 389
Use SSL No
Security Principal cn=Foo,cn=Users,dc=acme,dc=dev
Anonymous Authentication No
Security Credentials password
Search Base dc=acme,dc=dev
Page Size 20
Maximum Pages 20

Supported Structures

The structure will be used as a filter in the query. An example of a ldap search query filter that has a structure of user: (objectClass=user)


Fields that will be returned with the record. If no fields are provided then all fields will be returned.

Qualification (Query)

Qualification will be parse to build additional filter or add to the search base

Example Qualifications

The Structure used is user.

  • Get users (empty query): ""
  • Get users that have mail attribute: (email=*)
    • filter: (&(email=*)(objectClass=user))
  • Prepend to search base: uid=555
    • base: uid=555,dc=acme,dc=dev
  • Prepend to search base with filter: uid=555(email=*)
    • base: uid=555,dc=acme,dc=dev
    • filter: (&(email=*)(objectClass=user))

Important notes


Ldap Adapter (2019-11-05) * PER-173 updated the compare subclass to be null safe

Ldap Adapter v1.0.3 (2020-12-01) * updated pom to use s3 and removed nexus. Also updated the agent adapter pom config.

Ldap Adapter v1.0.4 (2021-10-22) * PER-237 updated search method to prepend to base when new syntax is leverage. This was already done for retrieve and count. * Added readme and changelog files.


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