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Handler · Version 1

Kinetic Request Submission Create

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Creates a submission using the information provided, sending a message using the message template to the submitter if one is provided.

This should be (usually) used in conjunction with an answer create handler or an attribute set answer. This handler just creates a submission. It sets no Attributes1-60 nor does it create any answers at all for that submission. At the time the v1 of this handler was created, it is recommended that this be used with the Kinetic Request Submission Update Answers (v4) handler because this handler both creates answers and creates/updates the mappings for those answers to the correct attributes.

Name Description Sample
Submitter of new request: The login id to open the new submission for.
Email: The email address of the person this opened for (if they will be receiving an email about it).
First Name: The first name of the person this should be logged under.
Last Name: The last name of the peson this should be logged under.
Message Template Name: The name of the message template to use for notification.
Template Catalog Name: The name of the catalog the request template belongs to.
Request Template Name: The name of the template to use for the new request.
Originating Form: If used, usually holds the template name of the originating submission.
Originating Id: The instance id to store in the Originating ID field.
Originating Id-Display: The field storing the Originating ID's KSR number.
Lookup Id: The instance id to store for lookup purposes, sometimes useful in nested parent-child relationships.
Notes For Customer: Text that can be displayed to customer (typically from the Service Catalog page). This is stored on the 'Customer Notes' field on the KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base form.
Initial Validation Status: Initial Validation status to include, if any.
Submission Type Should be Child if this is used for creating a Child request or left blank if a normal service request. Child
Name Description
Instance Id Instance Id of the submission created
KSR KSR of the submission created

Kinetic Request Submission Create (6-1-2015) *Initial Version. See Readme for details.

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