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Kinetic Request Approval Create

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The approval submission record, stored in the KSSRVCustomerSurvey_base form, is created to interact with the Kinetic Request approval process (see the Request Manager Training Manual for more information on Kinetic Request approvals). This handler retrieves the submission record that has an 'Instance Id' that matches the 'Lookup Id' parameter and copies the data necessary to execute the Kinetic Request approval process.

  • Copies the 'Lookup Id' parameter into the 'Lookup Value Id' field.

  • Copies all of the attribute field values.

  • Copies various required core fields (including 'ApplicationName', 'AssigneeGroup', 'Category', 'CategoryInstanceID', 'Company ID', 'Company Name', 'DataSet', 'Form', and 'SurveyMethod').

  • Copies the OriginatingID and OriginatingID_Display fields from the originating submission record.

  • Sets the 'Originating Form' field to the value of the SuveyTemplateName on the originating submission record.

  • Sets the 'Submission Type' field to "Approval".

  • Sets the 'ng_EndpointSecret' field to the deferral token of this task.

  • Sets the MessageTemplateInstanceID to the Instance Id of the message template (KSMSGMessageTemplate records, configurable from the Service Catalog Console) that was specified by the 'Message Template Name' parameter.

  • Sets the SurveyInstanceID field the the Instance Id of the service item that was specified by the 'Approval Template' parameter.

  • Maps the following approval field values from the specified info values:

    • 'ValidationStatus' => "Initial Validation Status"
  • Maps the following approval field values from the specified parameters:

    • 'Contact Info Value' => "Approver Email"
    • 'First Name' => "Approver First Name"
    • 'Last Name' => "Approver Last Name"
    • 'Submitter' => "Approver Login"
    • 'Survey Template Name' => "Approval Template Name"
    • 'NotesForCustomer' => "Notes for Customer"
Name Description Sample
Approver Login: The Remedy login name of the approver.
Approver Email: The email address of the approver.
Approver First Name: The first name of the approver.
Approver Last Name: The last name of the approver.
Message Template Name: The name of the message template to use for the approval.
Approval Template Catalog Name: The name of the catalog the template for approval belongs to.
Approval Template Name: The name of the template to use for the approval.
Lookup Id: The instance id of the Kinetic Request submission that is being approved.
Name Description
Instance Id The Remedy Instance Id of the generated approval submission. This value is available immediately upon creation of this node.
Validation Status The validation status of the completed approval submission. This value is not available until the deferring process completes this node.

KineticRequestApprovalCreate_V4 (2014-12-08)

  • Added new 5.2 fields. NOTE: This is NOT backwards compatible.

KineticRequestApprovalCreate_V3 (2013-08-17)

  • Removed 'Approval Question Label', 'Approval Value', and 'Denial Comments Label' parameters. These were in place for old Kinetic Request workflow that automatically created task triggers when the approvals were completed. Now the task engine is used to create these triggers therefore these values are obsolete.
  • Removed the 'Notes For Customer' parameter, it is not commonly used in newer implementations.
  • The 'Message Template Name' parameter is no longer required when configuring this handler. If no message template is specified the Approval record will need to be set to a "Sent" status manually for most portal pages to work properly.

KineticRequestApprovalCreate_V2 (2010-03-18)

  • Set the Approval Template Catalog Name parameter to default to the current catalog, but it can also be changed to use an approval form from another catalog.
  • Added additional 'Validation Status' deferred variable to the node.xml file to represent the value of the completed approval submission validation status.
  • Modified how OriginatingID and OriginatingIDDisplay are retrieved so that OriginatingIDDisplay is properly retrieved.
  • Remapped the 'Form' attribute to properly populate based on the 'SuveyTemplateName' of the originating request.

KineticRequestApprovalCreate_V1 (2010-12-01)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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