The Natural Fit for Salesforce

Kinetic Data offers consumer-grade portal experiences for employees, customers and partners. Our solution capabilities complement your existing Salesforce implementation, but without the scaling license costs required to grow adoption and usage.

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Kinetic's No Name License Guarantee removes the #1 friction factor in working and scaling your investments. 

Rather than build progressively more expensive solutions that don't deliver exactly what you seek, use Kinetic for any number of experiences that delight and deliver results. Examples include:

  • Customer Self-Service Portals
    • Flexible workflows that integrate with Knowledge Base
    • Enables the ability to create tickets, manage the user account, view licenses or provide feedback
  • Partner Portals
    • Automate & generate new deal registrations with baked-in business process and approval workflows
    • Access partner specific content and marketing materials
    • View registered deals, see status, input updates
  • Internal Portals
    • Deliver high class employee self-service portals to organize requests into a single location
    • Introduce intranet capabilities to streamline communications and hand-offs amongst team members

Benefits of Kinetic Data Complementing


Kinetic offers the ability to create pixel-perfect front-ends, ensuring all of the self-service gains you hope to achieve across mobile or desktop. Plus, cater to each stakeholder with specific portals for employees, customers, partners, service centers and more. 

Kinetic offers a no named license model, removing a key limitation for most customers. Additionally, by delivering smart service experience portals for stakeholders across the organization, license costs are reduced or partially eliminated with fewer fulfillers required. 

Build out the solution that works for your business every time. Configure workflows that reach into multiple systems, streamline data accessibility and more. 

Keep your Salesforce instance intact, without change. Move business logic and customization requirements into Kinetic, reducing risk and cost of licenses. 

More so, use Kinetic to evolve your workflows, handling request through approval to fulfillment, ultimately remitting the appropriate data into Salesforce as the system of record. 

No workflow is too complex for Kinetic.

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