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Innovation and Differentiation for Outsourced Service Providers

Today, outsourced service providers live in a customer-centric, multi-client world. Customers expect more than a standard set of services. Instead of "one model and color," clients want outsourced services that can be customized to their needs, uniquely branded and themed, integrated with their other business processes and applications, and, increasingly, available on a self-service basis that reduces the need for phone calls, emails, and other manual delivery methods. In addition to these differentiated services, customers are also coming to expect innovations from their outsourced service providers-innovations that are increasingly included in service level agreements.

Meeting this challenge is difficult for many outsourced service providers, particularly those who still have legacy back-end technology or manual processes-remnants that continue to force uniformity and a one-size-fits-all approach to service delivery. The only way to respond to unique customer demands under this scenario is by engaging in application development and custom programming. But a change for one client often results in disruptive changes for the other clients. And, even when legacy applications are operating in a stable manner, upgrades wreak havoc on any implemented customizations.

The challenge facing outsourced service providers is to achieve differentiation via service innovation. As we've seen, this can come in many forms. The Kinetic Multi-Tenant Suite meets this challenge in one of the most crucial areas of service innovation-the service delivery process itself in a multi-tenant environment where each client requires service in forms unique to them.

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