Our Leadership Team

Seasoned. Skilled. Seriously good people.

We're proud to say, our company spirit reflects the company we keep. The Kinetic Data leadership team brings top-notch professional talent, plus unique experiences and perspectives that add spice to our secret sauce.


John Sundberg

Founder | Ex-Developer | Architect | Mathlete

I was a back-row student. From the back - you see a lot more. And the more I would see, the more I would learn. I am always looking at things from a different angle, trying to figure out the big puzzle.

I’m never happier than when I’m solving a problem. I love looking at everyday processes and environments, questioning them and imagining a new approach. I spend most of my waking hours thinking about what’s going on in the working world, seeing patterns and finding ways to make them work simpler, faster, better.

Kinetic Data was founded on the realization that when teams hit hurdles, a good team could get over any hurdle, and a bad team seems to almost create their own hurdles. So we assembled a great team.

Our enterprise workflow platform was founded on flexibility, extendability, performance, scale and security. With those drivers, we feel our system can tackle any business problem out there.

When people ask me how the Kinetic Platform is different from other platforms, I feel that it’s more “philosophical” than a specific feature set. I like to say it’s like comparing apples to space travel (go ahead and try, but good luck). Our belief is that we want to make what you own better, not necessarily replacing it. Our competitors would rather get you into a huge, risky project - and we believe that is unnecessary.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Exactly what I’m doing now. I was always into patterns and the world of logic. When I was a youth hockey player, I would multiply the players’ jerseys who skated past (left wing #33, center #22 = 726) Yeah...I like math.



James Davies

Chief Operating Officer | Solution Translator | Carpenter

You could say the job I had at 16 put the wheels in motion for what I do today.

I built a website for the car dealership I worked at, getting inventory online (long before it was common) and capturing leads. I was also pretty good with customers, and eventually became general manager. The skills I developed – in sales, technology and leadership – are directly applicable to what I do for customers.

One of my roles at Kinetic Data was as liaison between customers and our development team, translating their needs into an action plan our developers can run with. Basically, I helped the tech folks understand business problems, and business folks understand tech problems. I also led our development team in envisioning the future state of our product.

These days I'm working to apply the techniques I learned while leading our development team to the rest of the company. My primary focus is getting everyone on the same page and ensuring there is clarity in our vision, communication between teams, consistency in the service we deliver to our customers and accountability so that we continue moving in the right direction.



Kasandra Knudson

Director of Operations

Kasandra Knudson is a highly adaptable professional with experience in both U.S. and International projects. She has held a variety of roles as a software developer, as well as project leader and account manager. Prior to joining the company as its first employee, she held a number of positions, including circulation and database marketing, customer retention, special projects and advertising during a 10 year career at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Kasandra’s direct experience working across corporate environments and interfacing with executives, legal, finance, IT and departmental personnel has given her deep insight regarding business issues, policies and processes.


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Matthew Howe

Director of Customer Services | Born Helper | Lego Builder

Understanding the need is more important than just answering a question.

I've always been drawn to roles where people need assistance. From supporting an entrepreneur by learning how to do desktop publishing, to working a help desk, to consulting with customers to help them see what we can do for them... I view myself as a helper.

The way I look at it, it's not just about getting to an end result; it's about going down a path of learning and sharing knowledge. Because only by truly understanding what a customer needs can we help them get there in the right way.

We ask a lot of questions. You want your workflow to get from Point A to Point Z… let's talk about your end state, all the nuances and break points along the way. Your path might only go through points B, C, and D, or it may go through the entire alphabet - and it may not necessarily be a straight path – but we'll help you find the best way to get there.

We don't see ourselves as just another vendor. We truly want to be a partner to our customers, opening doors to help them discover what the Kinetic Platform is capable of, how they can use our tools to change their organization and increase ROI.

What do you do when you're not working?Phineas & Ferb have this saying, "What are we going to build today?" I like the whole concept of creating something – a lot of home construction and Lego building. I have Legos all over my offices at home and work: the Taj Mahal, Big Ben, the Sydney Opera House, Hogwarts. I really enjoy putting things together.



Ben Christenson

Director of Product






Jennifer Vecellio

Director of Marketing