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Oct 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM | SLA performance monitoring Get the Information You Need to Improve Service Delivery Processes – Kinetic Info

Kinetic Info is a social business service metrics dashboard that provides managers and teams with key metrics, and features for collaborative decision making.

Kinetic Data will unveil its newest product today at the World Wide Remedy Users Group (WWRUG13) event in San Jose. Kinetic Info is a social business service request metrics dashboard. It provides business-function managers and their teams with key service delivery process metrics—such as number of incidents reported, service resolution hours by client or department, and SLA violations—in clear charts that display current data in context with historical results, making it easy to spot trends.

Kinetic Info includes social features that support collaborative decision making. Users can ask questions or add comments to any chart, and all team members are notified by email of new comments and can respond directly. Comment threads are attached to the chart to provide perspective, and are archived and retrievable at any time.

Features include:

  • The ability to define which charts and metrics are most important to a specific group;

  • Data generators that can extract and combine data from virtually any application or enterprise data source to display in charts;

  • Cloud-based architecture for rapid implementation and zero maintenance;

  • The ability to automatically extract data on any pre-defined schedule (e.g., daily, hourly, minute-by-minute); and

  • A clear, simple interface that requires no end-user training.

In an enterprise request management (ERM) environment, Kinetic Info supports analytics and SLA performance monitoring. Learn more about Kinetic Info and read the Kinetic Info news release.

Tom Pick

Written By: Tom Pick