Kinetic Data offers a workflow automation platform that powers complex workflows and service orchestration for enterprising organizations and the  public sector.


20 years ago founder John Sundberg kept running into the same challenges at 3M. “Can you tackle this problem?” “How do we make that more efficient?” Software was conceived and written, applications were built, and the needs of the time were met.

Soon thereafter, John set sail as an entrepreneur and consulting work poured in. Remedy customers came calling, looking for a better front end solution to complement their existing investments. And soon enough, there’s a set of product capabilities built based on customer asks just waiting to be set free to the world. 

Fast forward to today. Complex workflows reigns supreme at virtually every fast growing enterprise, K-12 schools and universities, government departments, military institution and elsewhere.  The solutions conceived at Kinetic Data stand the test of time, ensuring forward-thinking clients have the tools they need in order to solve the most complex, perplexing problems inside their organizations. 

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CEO John Sundberg