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Go from idea to execution faster than building from scratch.


Take advantage of the tools we’ve built during our years delivering custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies.


Let the Kinetic Platform handle the security, scalability and foundation to let your teams build freely without having to provide support for the basics.

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API Everything

Our modern code base enables true API interaction within the platform as well as external systems.


Built to scale big. Web-scale. Hopefully whatever you built takes off, and then we'll be there to support you every step of the way.


Flexible, changeable and repeatable; use our easy editor to design dynamic workflows to support any business process.


The platform is designed to leverage developers’ creativity, use any libraries and write code how you want. Integrate with nearly any system so you can expand at your own pace.

Portal Design

Use common front end languages like HTML and React to build what you want, while leveraging our form designer, work queues and collaborative discussion components.

So many solutions

There are an infinite number of ways to use the Kinetic Platform

Lotus Notes/Excel/Email Replacement

There have been a number of popular choices for creating internal business applications. However, many of them were developed years before the web, and much of its core, pre-Web design is still there. Businesses now want to move to the new generation of design tools native to the Web. These new applications incorporate federated data, mobile usage and modern design standards.


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How have our customers used the platform?

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Server Virtualization and Provisioning

The goal of most enterprises is to quickly provision cloud infrastructure and easily migrate appropriate systems to the virtual world, maximizing savings and gaining architectural benefits, while also minimizing business disruptions.

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Drop Lotus Notes, Excel and Access without skipping a beat

Most people want a great mobile experience and a web app interfaces, as well as granting access to corporate data and systems. Corporations seek to move to the next generation of easy business apps while leveraging existing data sources and new APIs, accessed in the Cloud.

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How some other customers use the platform:

  1. •Service Portals
  2. •Onboarding
  3. •Ticketing
  4. •Event Management
  5. •Integration Hub
  6. •Tech Bar Kiosk
  7. •Case Management
  8. •and more!

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