Start, Onboard | with a great experience

Make your team shine

An onboarding app is a great way to impress new hires or new teams


By capturing the right information with great forms, automating with powerful workflow, streamlining with integration and managing 'unique' with simple collaboration tools.

Collaborate to deliver a great experience
An onboarding form
Automate and coordinate with workflow

Get Results

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Engage & Delight New Hires & New Teams

Create great experiences for new hires or new teams while delivering simple or complex services.

Cross The Chasm

Fragmented and archaic systems never live up to their full potential. Create mobile and rich experiences that match what your teams and customers already use. Watch adoption spread.


This solution is a template. Change it and expand as you need. Our platform is capable of making dreams a reality.

Make it Easy

The back-end leverages reusable and pre-built integrations. Our processes are built to never fail and we include drag-and-drop, low-code building; freeing up admin time.

Reduce Cost

Leverage your existing people, processes and systems. We're built for fast implementation, so that means no need for fast change, flexibility means you can start doing what you need to; now.

Built on the Kinetic Platform

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Deploy quickly

Rapid deployment in both cloud and on-prem installations

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Easy to build

Extend flexibility, customization and integration to any solution

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Low-code, Drag-and-Drop

Easy to use form and workflow builders make evolution and improvement simple


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