BMC Remedy Tools

BMC® Remedy® Tools - Extending the Value of BMC Remedy ARS® with Kinetic Data

Kinetic Data has been a BMC Remedy Technology Alliance Partner since 1999, and our applications like Kinetic Survey (enterprise feedback management) and Kinetic Calendar (actionable online calendar tool) were originally developed natively on the BMC Remedy platform.

Today, our software still works great with BMC Remedy, extending its value beyond IT to HR, facilities, finance, and across the enterprise. But it no longer requires the BMC Remedy platform, and it works equally well with any mix of ITSM, ERP, HR and other enterprise applications.

Kinetic Calendar, for example, was the first tool for displaying any time- or date-based information from BMC Remedy in an intuitive, graphical online calendar format. Today, it's the only web-based calendar tool that can pull and combine such information from virtually any federated data source—SAP, Oracle, IBM, CA, HP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Exchange, etc. —into an interactive online calendar.

While BMC Remedy is no longer our exclusive focus, it remains important to us. Our developers and consultants stay ahead of the curve on the latest BMC Remedy tools and products through out TAP (Technology Alliance Partnership) and have early access to beta and new releases of BMC Remedy products. Our team members have passion and a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of the BMC Remedy system.

In addition, we remain active in organizations like the Worldwide Remedy User Group (WWRUG), which has honored Kinetic Data with awards for Innovator of the Year and Best Customer Service and Support.

At our core, we are a customer-driven organization. Responding to those needs, we've branched out into support for using federated data sources, while maintaining our roots in the BMC Remedy world.