Enterprise Request Management

Enterprise Request Management (ERM) Infographic

Enterprise request management (ERM) is a strategy for simplifying processes, improving the user experience, and reducing costs of request management across an organization.

ERM improves the user experience by giving employees a single, intuitive, web-based portal for placing and tracking any type of request, simple or complex, for any type of service (from a password reset to onboarding a new hire) or physical item (from a stapler to a rack of servers).

It reduces costs by eliminating redundant manual data entry, automating approval and scheduling tasks, improving first-time fulfillment, accelerating service delivery processes, and providing metrics to support continual improvement.

Businesses, service providers and government agencies are embracing ERM because it enables self-service, which saves money. With ERM, employees can enter and track the progress of any type of request at any time, from any device. It eliminates the need for emails, meetings or phone calls to make a request, check on its status, and ask for (and send reminders to get) approvals.

By automating service request and delivery tasks, ERM reduces labor time (and cost) for everyone involved in the process, from requesters to approvers to the people in IT, HR, facilities, or any department responsible for service fulfillment and delivery.

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Enterprise Request Management

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