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Kinetic Task

Agile, manageable workflow automation today

Kinetic Task allows your organization to easily add workflow automation to nearly any process from request management approvals to SLA’s to network alerts. Platform-agnostic, Kinetic Task can communicate with virtually any enterprise application, such as ERP, human resources and ITSM platforms through its open architecture. With Kinetic Task workflow automation software, enterprises benefit from a non-proprietary approach for centralized business process automation and service delivery management.

Key Benefits

Kinetic Task provides many benefits to both business and IT groups within an organization:

  • Fosters enterprise agility: Empowers businesses to configure their own processes while providing the management functionality IT requires to provide a secure and robust platform.
  • Streamlines fulfillment and approval process: Achieves business agility, operational efficiency, and high performance levels by automating your workflow to and from almost any system.
  • Improves customer satisfaction: Creates and delivers higher quality and differentiated services reducing design time and complexity from start to finish.
  • Reduces costs: Efficiently configures repetitive tasks and eliminates manual processes.
  • Peace of mind: Currently used by some of the worlds largest companies and government agencies to improve their processes. Whether you have tasks that involve a few steps or hundreds Kinetic Task is up to the challenge.
Workflow Autoation Engine Task Diagram

Kinetic Community

The Difference Is Our Community

Enterprise workflow automation requires adapters to a large number of both source and target systems. Having an environment that makes publishing and using these adapters is key for a successful implementation and long-term success.

Kinetic Task’s open architecture allows us to quickly create and share adapters to a variety of systems from ITSM suites to JIRA to Facebook. These adapters are also well documented and can easily be tailored to your own use or used as an example to integrate to a home-grown system. We publish these regularly on Kinetic Community and discuss them in depth at our annual Kinetic Enthusiasts Group (KEG)

Check out the list of adapters we currently publish and other great info on Kinetic Community If you don’t see an integration adapter you are interested in, just let us know! (link to community and request info).

Enterprise Request Management

Kinetic Task workflow automation software is a core component of Enterprise Request Management and is often used with Kinetic Request.

  • Enables effective, automatic management and fulfillment of service requests
  • Leverage your existing application investments with Kinetic Task's ability to integrate with other applications
  • Gives both IT and non-IT users full control over their request and fulfillment processes. Users at all levels of experience can quickly build actionable business service requests
  • Create and deliver higher quality and differentiated services
Enterprise Request Management Architecture Diagram

Learn how Kinetic Task plus Kinetic Request can dramatically improve your speed of request fulfillment and leverage your third-party application investments.