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Kinetic Survey

Enterprise Feedback Management Through Virtually Any Enterprise Application

Kinetic Survey is an award-winning Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) system. Known as a leading process-driven, web-based customer feedback survey management application, Kinetic Survey makes it easy to create context-sensitive surveys in order to measure and report on user satisfaction once a request is fulfilled. Surveys can be distributed via email, the web, or even as pop-up scripts for call center staff to gather actionable, timely feedback from internal or external customers. This feedback loop is a key component in driving continual service process improvement.

Key Features:

  • Embeds surveys within your existing processes: Incidents, changes or other interactions can trigger context-sensitive surveys on the fly.
  • Enables you to create timely, tailored surveys in many areas of your organization including: market research, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, product development and IT and ITIL-based services management practices.
  • Systematically gathers and analyzes customer experiences to monitor and improve service delivery management.
  • Promotes a higher response rate for enterprise feedback management surveys.
  • Improves business services through automated service management feedback.
  • Increases sales and improves customer retention.
Survey Management Software Screenshot - Kinetic Survey