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Kinetic Response - Use Cases

What types of enterprise problems can be resolved with Kinetic Response?

Kinetic Response is the only problem collaboration tool that speeds and documents the problem resolution process and provides real-time status visibility to those who need it. It enables teams (internal and external vendors, by invitation) to communicate in real-time to efficiently resolve and document critical issues.

What types of issues? Below are a just a few examples of where and how Kinetic Response can help business and IT professionals respond to problems more effectively.

Financial Reporting Issues

It's the end of your fiscal quarter. Your Accounts Receivable system is down. The financial reports are DUE!

Your support team is located in Connecticut. Your developers are in Minnesota. Your financial software vendor is based in Australia. These groups must collaborate to resolve the problem and restore the Accounts Receivable system.

What's the best response? Kinetic Response:

  • Enables immediate internal and external participation.
  • Assigns and manages action items.
  • Immediately identifies who is working on the issue.

Technical Issues - Of Known or Unknown Origin

Your team has been on a conference call for the last six hours. You are currently working to resolve a problem that might be caused by the network, the database, or an application.

New people are constantly joining the conference call. The call is taking longer and longer because you must stop and recap the conversation each time a new person joins.

What's the best response? Kinetic Response:

  • Provides participation in and visibility into real-time chats and chat history.
  • Clearly lists facts and unknowns.
  • Is designed to work within IT system management frameworks.

Problem Resolution Follow-Up

You have just resolved a network connectivity problem between the data center and your end users. You were on a three-hour conference call with 25 users, data center technicians, management, and the network team.

The Problem Management team is now asking for a root cause and resolution information.

What's the best response? Kinetic Response:

  • Coordinates resources across multiple teams and locations to collaborate on common issues.
  • Maintains a record of all communications, files and actions related to the resolution of the problem.
  • Stores closed-problem records for future reference and training.

Responding to Cyber Attacks

Despite extensive efforts and investments made to protect corporate information assets, your network has been penetrated. Sensitive data may have been compromised. You need to assemble an expert team, find and seal the intrusion point, and get mission-critical systems back up and running securely.

Outside expertise is needed to pinpoint the source and rapidly assess the extent of the breach. New participants need to get up to speed on the status of the situation quickly.

What's the best response? Kinetic Response:

  • Provides a secure, real-time environment for experts inside and outside the organization to collaborate, from any device, anywhere.
  • Allows easy identification of facts, unknowns, and action items.
  • Enables executives to stay current on the status of the situation without interrupting resolution efforts.

Executive Visibility into Critical Issue Status

All users are currently unable to access a key cloud-based application. You have contacted both internal resources and the cloud provider. Both groups are in the process of collaborating to resolve the problem.

This is a high-visibility issue and management is demanding an update to this problem every 15 minutes.

What's the best response? Kinetic Response:

  • Gives visibility to executives for high-impact problems, including completed and planned action items.
  • Identifies sub-issues in open or closed status.
  • Provides a collaboration interface for displaying and managing comprehensive issue information, as well as issue synopsis.