Teams often manage complex problems inefficiently when collaboration and clarity is most needed.

About Kinetic Response

Kinetic Response is a web + mobile virtual collaboration room, where people can assemble and share information to quickly tackle complex issues


Collaborate for improved efficiency, more effective governance, better decision making & continuous improvement

Ease of use is key for people to organically begin to collaborate.  With Kinetic Response no training is needed, no heavy install required, and is flexible enough to be used for a variety of situations.

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Why Use our Service

Cost effective enough to collaborate in a single area, flexible enough to collaborate in many

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Issue & Problem Resolution

When there is a major problem, time is always the critical factor.  Through intuitive, efficient communication, we easily helps your team resolve problems faster.  And through built-in auditing also helps your team learn from their response and help to fix problems before they happen.

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Change & Release Coordination

Major IT changes and other go-live events often involve a large group of people requiring constant contact and real-time updates.  Use Kinetic Request to assure your big changes don’t become bigger headaches.

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Project Management

Projects never sit still.  From initial planning to implementation, collaboration is a necessity.  Keep the project in check and everyone on the same page with Kinetic Response.

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Sourcing & Documentation

Sourcing a new vendor, collaborating on an RFP, or coordinating a large presentation needs feedback from everyone in the team.  Shared docs are nice, but what if there are multiple documents involved, partners inside & outside the organization,  multi-media files and more real-world complexities?  Kinetic Response helps you gain clarity to put your best foot forward.

Embed collaboration into your existing processes

With a myriad of integration options, your organization can include Kinetic Response into nearly any process. 

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Inbound Create a new Response automatically through our API or Quicklinks.

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Outbound: Notify other systems via webhooks which are triggered after an event such as closing an issue, adding a new invitee or creating of an action item.

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Workflow:  Including Kinetic Task in your implementation opens up a nearly unlimited set of automated workflows