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Kinetic Response

Big problems, no problem for your team

Kinetic Response is easy-to-use, team-based, enterprise collaboration software built to speed up time to resolution. Designed with a focus on real-time visibility, Kinetic Response balances the functionality you need with simplicity that allows the whole team to participate effectively.

  • Improves problem-solving processes by providing immediate visibility into real- time resolution status.
  • Speeds problem resolution by enabling online collaboration until a problem is resolved.
  • Is the only tool that automatically documents the problem resolution process.

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Why Kinetic Response?

Kinetic Response increases organizational efficiency, individual accountability and managerial effectiveness. It is a powerful enterprise problem collaboration software tool that provides access to critical problem resolution information for faster resolution and better decision-making.

With Kinetic Response, you can:

  • Manage service-delivery issues;
  • Invite the right people at the right time to resolve the issue;
  • Enable real-time visibility into service delivery problems to those who are working on the issue;
  • Have group discussions through corporate chat;
  • Collaborate online regardless of geographical barriers;
  • Update team members at the same time;
  • Share and store files;
  • Assign and manage action items; and
  • Maintain a record of all communications, files and actions related to problem resolution.

Collaborate From Anywhere

With Kinetic Response, you are not locked to your desktop computer in order to quickly solve a problem. With native iOS and Android apps, desktop web and mobile web capabilities, you are covered no matter where you, your coworkers, service providers or other stakeholders are.