Kinetic Data

KEG 2014 Videos

6 Tricks with Subtrees

This presentation covers what a subtree is, how to use subtrees, and six tricks to get the most out of your trees in Kinetic Task.

Bundles and Themes from the Tech Side

Discover how the Bundle framework can be used to leverage themes and branding for portal design with Request and how it is a powerful tool for developing rich web interfaces with your Request data.

Combining Calendar Into Request

This presentation uses an example to detail how to combine calendar into request. This example case is allows a customer to select a specific deployment time from a list of available time slots using a Kinetic Calendar embedded within a Kinetic Request.

Data Management Console

This presentation provides managers with an overview of how to use Kinetic Request to manage data. This is most often used for data supporting Kinetic Request and Kinetic Task processes, but truly, this Data Management Console can be used for any data.

Kinetic Info Technical Perspective

Take a deeper dive into some of the internals of Kinetic Info, Kinetic Data's new trending analysis tool.

Kinetic Process Options (Work Orders / Fulfillment)

Kinetic Fulfillment is the next evolution in Kinetic Request delivery. Improve your request delivery process by assigning actionable tasks to support groups.

Little Bundles of Joy

Learn how implementing Kinetic Bundles to theme your catalog goes beyond branding and marketing to increase productivity.

Surveys on Steroids

New uses for Kinetic Survey including scripting, self-help articles, and post-survey actions (KInetic Task).

Troubleshooting Kinetic Request and Task

Kinetic Support presents our top tricks, issues and "challenges" with Kinetic Request and Task. Installs, upgrades, events, tasks, Remedy, and world piece will all be covered. Names will be changed to protect the guilty.

What's New in Kinetic Task

This presentation discusses what's new in Kinetic Task v4, and what has changed in Kinetic Task v3 since KEG 2013.

Work Orders / Fulfillment Technical Perspective

This presentation covers the Kinetic Fulfillment KAPP (Kinetic App), what it is, how to use it and how it works.